Return Policy & FAQ

Return Policy

We have very few returns, and want you to know that we love to deal with them case by case.  They are all usually slightly different (just like all our great clients). We also want you to know that we want to hear from you regarding Juddlies in any way, and did not want a printed return policy to make you feel that there was no room for discussion (absolutely not true, we love to chat to you!!).

Our general return policy for online purchases is simple. If you receive any manufacturers defective product we will pay for the return as well as the new products to be shipped out. We will definitely need the products back for quality control. Defective product of this nature are usually un sewn seams, defective zippers, broken poppers, to name a few of the more common ones. Saying that if you have any other product issues you should definitely drop us a line at and we would love to help you.

Questions? We have answers!

Q: Where do you ship to? 

A: Currently we ship to Canada,USA,Australia and the UK.

 Q: What currency is shown on your website? 

A: We publish Canadian prices on our website. If you are ordering from any other country your currency will be converted through the payment gateway.


Q: How do you determine shipping cost? 

A: We have set up a table rate system. Shipping will be calculated by destination.

Q: Do you use any chemicals in your fabrics?

A: We do not. Its a simple answer. Most people want to know if we use any flame retardants and we don’t.


Q: Why are your sizes so large?

A: We chose to make the sizes more true to size and simply be real about it. It also means that you the client get to use our products for a longer period of time.



Are we missing something? Let us know if you have a question we should answer on our FAQ page! Contact us at