7 Secrets of Summer with Tots

It’s HOT out there!  We have a heat wave coming our way and temps could reach 110 degrees Fahrenheit. Here are seven go-to tips for enjoying the summer safely and conveniently no matter where you go.

#1 Sunscreen

Think twice before putting just any sunscreen on your child. Most have toxic ingredients that absorb right into the skin and bloodstream because of other ingredients purposely put there for absorption.  We love these three, non-toxic sunscreens:

#1 Goddess Garden Baby Sunscreen – SPF 50

6oz – $17.99

#2 Thinkbaby Sunscreen – SPF 50+

3oz $12.99

#3 Babo Botanicals Clear Zinc Sunscreen Sport Stick SPF 30

$12.95 at Babobontanicals.com

This makes it SUPER easy to apply to my kid’s face, neck, ears and I even use it on his body if I’m out and about and need to apply sunscreen quickly without any mess on my hands.

I use Babo Botanicals Daily Sheet Tinted Sunscreen on my face and I love it!

1.7 ounces – $20.95

#2 ZizzyBee Bags

  • Did you know that by the year 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish?
  • Did you know that we have FIVE floating garbage patches in our world ocean – the biggest being off the coast of California (the size of two Texas states and plastic waste weighing as much as 500 jumbo jets).

One thing we can do is use ZizzyBee Bags instead of single-use, large ziplock bags. A 3-pack of ZizzyBee Bags saves 1000+ plastic bags a year!

I use these to put my sunscreen in – I can always find the sunscreen in the beach bag without endless digging.

I also put my son’s dry change of clothes in one so I know where this is too and everything stays together.

These eco bags are fabulous grab and go bags – for stroller walks, for going to the park, for going to the pool – forget the big bulky bag, grab only what you need, throw it in a ZizzyBee Bag and voila!

eco storage bags to replace ziplock bags

$22.95 for 3

Summer sale SPLASH for 25% off. Valid through 7/31/19.

eco storage reusable

#3 Life Jacket + Arm Swimmies Together

We tried a bunch of different flotation devices and our son still rolled over in the water and was not sturdy.

My husband recently put on a life jacket and kept on our son’s arm swimmies.  Come to find out this worked like a charm! Even jumping off the floating dock our son stays above water (with me holding his arms and catching him). This would be a genius invention to combine the two together.

We also love the Poolmaster Learn-to-Swim wearable inner-tube. It’s works really well and we add the arm swimmies with this too. Here’s a video of our three year old swimming in the pool. (Don’t mind the loud lawnmower noise – our neighbor’s landscaper came at that exact moment).

#4 Always rinse off your kids after swimming whether it’s after the pool, ocean, lake, or river.

You never know what could be lurking in the water – when the water becomes very warm, it turns into a breeding ground for bacteria.

And for pools, you never know how much chemicals are added. Our pool has zero chlorine smell because we add so little, but public pools tend to wreak of chlorine which means that is going all over your kids.

A quick rinse in clean water is easy to do and for little babies and toddlers taking a quick bath/shower with eco bath wash protects them even more.

Don’t forget to use the Juddlies Bamboo hooded towels for baby and toddler your tots after bathtime. This is the softest towel I have ever touched and my son’s dry skin cleared up within days once I switched to bamboo towels and bamboo washcloths for babies. (Click to read our blog: how to heal baby’s eczema naturally and quickly.)

Hooded Bamboo Towels – $24.99 CAD
Bamboo Washcloths – $14.99 CAD

#5 Leave a blanket, towels, and bathing suits in the car.

You never know where summer may lead you and the kids. Being spontaneous is fun and easier if you are a bit proactive.  Always leave a blanket, towels, and bathing suits in the car so when you are on that walk or bike ride and you feel like grabbing some take-out to eat on the beach as a picnic or want to jump in the lake to cool off, you will have the essentials to do this.

For example, just the other day we noticed a summer concert going on at our local beach, we parked the car, grabbed our Juddlies Big Kid Blanket and sat on the grass to enjoy the music.

The Juddlies Big Kid Blanket is the best organic beach blanket for kids because it’s large and the organic cotton soaks up the water and keeps your little one warm.

  • 100% preshrunk cotton
  • Sophisticated and distinct Juddlies herringbone design
  • 5ft by 4ft

best organic beach blanket for kids

$69.99 CAD – BUY HERE

#6 Crocs all around!

We’ve been to some beaches that are very rocky or have a ton of shells.  My husband sliced open his foot once on a shell so our three year old always has his crocs on.

Another benefit to wearing crocs is to protect against the hot sand. It’s so cute to see our son run so fast to get to the water.

I also love wearing water shoes in case there are icky things on the bottom of the lake/ocean/etc. Once we were at Atlantic City in the States and as every wave went back out to sea, little crabs pinched our feet. They were trying to hold on so they would not get washed out. Water shoes would have been ideal for this experience.

Crocs have options for the entire family men ($49.99), women ($49.99), and kids ($29.99).

I also like these water shoes for women from Landsend. Normally $29.99 but on sale now for $14.99 here.

best womens water shoes

#7 Eco Water Bottles

We are at war with plastic and it’s a beyond a problem. It’s a serious disaster. One of the easiest ways to help, and yes, you as an individual can truly make a difference, is to ditch plastic water bottles and use reusable ones instead.

A cool tip is to fill your families’ water bottles up with water and put them in the freezer the night before. Then as you enjoy the beach, pool, boat or anything other fun in the sun activity, the ice will slowly melt keeping your water ice cold all day.

I love Life Factory water bottles and Hydroflask eco bottles.


Starting at $14.99 at Lifefactory.com

32 oz Tumbler – Hydroflask is $39.95.

22 oz Tumbler – Hydroflask is $29.95.

Pacific Baby has awesome eco water bottles made from stainless steal that we love too. Contents stay hot or cold for 10 hours!

$17.95 USD – BUY HERE


#8  Keep baby cool while sleeping.

Especially during the warmer months but all year round it’s crucial to regulate baby’s body temperature. Overheating is a risk factor of SIDS and should be taken very seriously.

If you touch your baby’s back of the neck and it’s sweaty then your baby is too hot.

I love to use Juddlies Breathe EZE swaddle ($29.99 CAD) or Breathe EZE sleeper ($25 CAD) to keep airflow circulating above baby’s skin.  Not only is it made from 100% premium cotton, but there is an inner layer made of tiny perforations to keep baby cool.

Click to learn more about Juddlies breathable swaddle to keep baby cool.  See the breathable PJ sleepers here.

Be careful when using the AC in baby’s room. It’s best to get one with a climate control feature so you can set it to a temperature and not worry about the room getting freezing overnight. We bought a portable floor air conditioner and it works awesome!  Our son’s room cools down in just minutes.

BONUS: no need for the sound machine since the AC has a nice soothing noise.

What are your summer tips with your kids?  Share with us!


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