Let’s Boogie with Bamboo

Bamboo is quite magnificent. I was in awe when I healed my son’s dry skin patches and eczema after using Bamboo Hooded Towels and Washcloths for babies.  You can see in our other blog here how to heal baby’s eczema naturally and quickly.

Here’s why Bamboo is so amazing:

Reason #1:  Luxury & Soft Touch

Reason #2: Naturally Antibacterial and Moisture-wicking

Bamboo is naturally antibacterial – how awesome is this?!  Anything that helps keep germs away from my son is a win!  So HOW can this be?

There have been claims that bamboo viscose fabrics have a unique antibacterial quality due to an antimicrobial bio-agent called ‘bamboo kun’ which is found naturally in living bamboo fibre. This kun supposedly makes bamboo a naturally antibacterial, antifungal and odour resistant fibre.” (SOURCE)

Also, bamboo is naturally moisture-wicking, which means the fabric has the “ability to pull moisture away from the skin using tiny, built-in capillaries. Moisture is drawn to the exterior of the fabric, which makes it easier to evaporate.” (SOURCE)

The Bamboo plant is highly water absorbent; it can take up to three times its weight in water!  As a fabric Bamboo retains many of the properties it has a plant. Because of this it has excellent wicking ability that will pull moisture away from the skin so it can evaporate quickly. (SOURCE)

Bamboo clothing for kids is breathable and helps to keep baby’s body temperature just right – not too hot and not too cold. Overheating is a risk factor of SIDS so keeping baby the right temperature is key – especially during unsupervised sleep (when mom or dad is sleeping too).

Reason #3:  Long-Lasting Fabric


Bamboo lasts a very long time. After countless washes my son’s Bamboo Hooded Towel for Kids looks like new.  However, it actually feels SOFTER!

With every wash, bamboo gets softer and softer. It’s so soft that my son notices when I use a regular towel (a fluke thing while traveling or after swimming). At three years old he will say, “Mama, I want soft towel. This one not soft, Mama.” It’s really cute and he’s right!  Bamboo towels and washcloths are the SOFTEST.

#4 Comforting for Baby’s Skin

This is one of the best reasons to use Bamboo towels, washcloths, bum cloths, and burpcloths for baby and toddlers…it’s so comforting for kids!

Wrapping my son up in his bamboo hooded towel for kids after his warm bath at night is a great part of our sleep routine. He feels cozy and calm as we unwind for bedtime.

Baby’s and toddlers have really sensitive skin – even when my husband plays with my son and tickles him and kisses him, his beard makes little red marks on my son’s skin – it goes away after about 15 minutes but it just goes to show how delicate our kids’ skin is.

#5 Save trees!

Bamboo is not a tree, but a grass!  Really neat.

#7 Environmentally-Friendly

Bamboo is environmentally-friendly because it doesn’t take much maintenance to maintain. There’s no need to use pesticides, it’s 100% biodegradable, and it’s never genetically modified. All wins in my book!

Bamboo Must Haves:

Bamboo Hooded Bath Towel for Babies / Toddlers

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Bamboo Washcloths for Babies / Toddlers

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Bamboo Bum Cloths

After using wet wipes always wipe baby’s bum with a dry cloth and using Bamboo is the softest option. Leaving wet skin can cause chaffing, irritation, and itching — which means baby will cry.

bamboo bum cloths baby

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Bamboo Burp Cloths

Burp cloths can get dingy quickly, but Bamboo Burp Cloths are AMAZING. They wash well and look like new, they dry quickly, and best of all they are super soft for baby’s sensitive skin.

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So are you ready to boogie with Bamboo?