Best Baby Gifts 2019

It’s top 10 Tuesday and we have the best baby gifts of 2019 to share with you!

I remember how special my baby shower was and sitting with my husband unwrapping the giant pile of gifts.  As a first-time mom I wasn’t completely sure what products to add to my baby registry, but now that I’ve experienced motherhood hands-on, I have a go-to list of useful baby gear and gifts that help mom and baby most.

Below is our top 10 best baby gifts round-up that moms will adore and use all the time.

#1 Cottage Collection Playsuit and Slippers by Juddlies Designs

organic baby sleeper slippers trendy

You can never go wrong gifting baby clothes, but make sure the baby apparel you choose has some wow factor. Otherwise, your gift may be drab instead of fab.

  1. First, I always make sure baby clothing is made of cotton, bamboo, or merino wool as babies feel most comfortable in these fabrics – plus all these materials are breathable to help regulate baby’s body temperature.
  2. Second, instead of gifting the regular ol’ cutesy baby clothes, go for something unique and trendy like the Juddlies Cottage Collection playsuit and matching organic slippers!

This adorable outfit is super sophisticated and classy. Moms will instantly fall in love as soon as they open this gift – and will be head over heels once they see their baby wearing it!baby slippers

  • Chic herringbone design is woven into the 100% premium cotton fabric
  • High quality
  • Four colors
  • Playsuits, nightgowns, Dream Sack, 2-Piece PJ Sets, Beanies, Mittens, Play Blanket, Crib Sheets, Waterproof Changing Pad, Head Huggers, Slippers, and Toys!

BUY NOW – Playsuit ($29.99) and Organic Slippers ($19.99)

#2 Pello Luxe Floor Pillow

best baby kids floor pillow

This luxe baby floor pillow is a MUST-HAVE for all moms and a gift that lasts forever from baby, to toddler, and even through big kid years!  This is such a beautiful gift too- all you need is a big giant bow because the designs are so eye-catching.

I always had my Pello nearby when my son was a baby.  Any time I needed both hands, I had a safe, warm, and clean spot to lay my baby down.

It was really awesome when I worked from home, too!  My baby would be sleeping on the Pello right next to me – I loved it!

  • Provides comfort and support, promotes muscle development, and encourages independent play.
  • Awesome for tummy-time.
  • Folds like a taco with handles for easy carrying – lightweight!
  • The highest quality baby floor pillow I have ever touched!
  • Trendy and fun designs
  • Machine-washable
  • Awesome for reading books on when baby becomes a toddler.
  • Awesome for watching movies in the living-room or for sleepovers – great for camping too!

BUY NOW – $129.99

#3 Matchstick Monkey Eco Teether

best eco teether trendy babies love

Babies can’t put this eco teether down!  Hey, no monkey business! Keep reading below 😉

Perfect for small hands looking for something to hold with ease.

• A fun and stylish hygienic way to apply teething products
• Dishwasher safe and fridge friendly
• Suitable for steam and cold water sterilization
• FDA approved food grade silicone
• BPA free non-toxic and environmentally friendly
• Helps develop motor skills from an early age
• Height: 10.5cm

BUY NOW – €9.99 (Euros)

#4 SafeSleep Breathe-Through Crib Mattress

best breathable baby mattress prevent SIDS

This is an INCREDIBLE invention created by two sisters who lost a baby because of simply rolling over in the crib. They have made it their life mission to create the safest crib mattress in the world so other families do not have to experience their nightmare.

With the SafeSleep mattress babies can be face down on the mattress all night and breathe normally through the mattress. They raised $50k on Kickstarter last year!

  • Open-air design with side openings and air-permeable surface creates passive airflow that sustains an oxygen-rich environment for your baby.
  • No need for sheets or pads!
  • Eco-friendly – made with recycled materials.
  • Machine washable and air dries in minutes.
  • Scientifically tested to eliminate carbon monoxide build-up.
  • Long-lasting – made so well that it can be passed down for generations.
  • Helps regulate baby’s body temperature (overheating is a risk factor of SIDS) – baby is not too hold, not too cold.

This is truly a no-brainer and should be on every baby registry list.

$299 – BUY NOW

#5 4Moms MamaROO Swing

mamaroo 4moms best baby swing

When I first saw this at the ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas, I fell in love!  It was the most unique baby swing/chair I have ever seen with modern and bright colors. I put it on my registry and it was one of the best gifts I received.

My son had reflux for the first 6 months so him napping slightly upright really helped. He loved the gentle motions!

  • Used in 300+ hospitals because it moves just like parents when comforting newborns.
  • Features five unique motions & five speed options = 25 different combinations.
  • Breathable 3-D mesh fabric to help regulate baby’s body temperature.
  • Easy to remove lining and machine-washable. Easy to wipe and clean base.
  • Adjustable recline.
  • Interactive and reversible play balls and mobile.
  • Bluetooth connection + soothing sounds.

$219.99 – BUY NOW

#6 Itzy Ritzy “Cozy Happens” Muslin Car Seat Canopy

car sat canopy muslin coverItzy Ritzy has too many amazing products I love!  If we had to choose one for a best baby shower gift, it would be their muslin car seat covers.

These are a must to protect baby from weather elements and block the light during naps – also great to prevent germs when out in public (people sneezing etc. – no matter how fast we turn and try to get away, those germs find their way in)!

And some moms like privacy to avoid looky-loos – I never minded anyone looking at my baby personally.

  • Loose weave, breathable, lightweight
  • Universal fit for infant car seats
  • Allows for secure handle access
  • Four toy loops for baby’s favorite toys
  • Opening at bottom allows for breathability and makes it easier to see the baby while carrying the car seat

$24.99 – BUY NOW

#7 People Toy Company Brain Builders Developmental Toys

developmental baby toys best

People Toy Company is my FAVORITE go-to store to find developmental toys for baby and toddlers. I love their magnetic blocks, but for a baby the Educational Eddie Rattle is one of my favorites (from the Brain Builders Collection).

Kids can easily accumulate piles of toys, but they always tend to gravitate towards certain toys over and over again. This is why I love toys from People Toy Company – the Eddie Rattle, as we call it, was my son’s favorite toy since five months old and he still loves playing with it at almost age three!

  • Toy of the Year award winner
  • Perfectly sized for your child to grip and hold on their own
  • No batteries required
  • Chewable rope; teething feet; safe, hinged limbs; soft-ripple hat; and rattle to stimulate baby’s senses and keep them entertained.

$8.99 BUY NOW

#8 Juddlies Breathe EZE Dream Swaddle

best baby swaddle soft breathable stays on

Okay so we have to toot our own horn again when it comes to the best baby swaddle 🙂

The Breathe EZE Dream Swaddle from Juddlies Designs gives baby that extra hug to help them sleep longer and more safely.

  • No-wrap design makes it fool-proof and safer to swaddle baby. No risk of swaddle blanket coming unwrapped and covering baby’s face.
  • Breathable inside layer – tiny perforations maintain proper airflow around baby.
  • Super soft 100% Premium Cotton. So cozy that babies fall asleep within minutes once zipped up!
  • “Hug” feature inside to give baby a feeling of extra security.
  • Double zipper for easy and quick diaper changes.
  • Arms in or arms out! (When baby begins to roll, it’s time to transition to arms-free swaddling for safety reasons)

BUY NOW $29.99

#9 Oogiebear Booger Tool – for ears too!

best baby booger tool

This tiny tool is something we could not go without in our home…we use it every day to clean our son’s nose.  It’s AMAZING!  One scoop and we’re done – wet, dry, stuck…this tool gets out all boogies!

I use this every night before my son goes to bed so he has a clear nose to sleep better at night.

It’s SO USEFUL when he has a cold and we need to clean out that nose well. Been using this since my son was a newborn to now age three — and we won’t stop anytime soon.

  • Cute design that does not scare baby.
  • Two sided – loop end for sticky, rubbery boogers (usually impossible to get out any other way!) and scoop end for safely removing dried ones.
  • Perfect for little ears too!
  • Made of soft, grippy rubber that is easy to hold and clean.
  • Best part the bear head’s design isn’t just cute – it prevents the oogiebear from going too far up baby’s nose or in their ears!
  • BONUS!  We trained our son to not pick his nose and to ask for the oogiebear instead!

#10 Bamboo Hooded Bath Towels – Juddlies Designs

best hooded baby towel bamboo

Toot! Toot!  There’s goes our horn again. 🙂

These super soft, absorbent, and cuddly-warm hooded towels for baby are a MUST.  I love wrapping my baby in this towel after a bath to keep him warm – he looks so adorable too!

I’ve used other baby towels and after a couple washes they rip!  And I’m talking an expensive $65 one from The Company Store. I was really surprised and bummed, but grateful that I found Juddlies hooded baby bath towels.

Every since using Juddlies Bamboo Hooded Towels, I’m hooked!  Such high quality – one touch and you will be in love.

  • Soft bamboo with organic trim.
  • Use after bath, pool, or beach to keep baby warm and dry.
  • Gets softer and softer with each wash!  Gotta love bamboo!
  • Matching bamboo washcloths – face cloths and bum cloths!

$24.95 BUY NOW

Thank you for reading our best baby gifts round-up list!   What are your favorite baby gifts and gear?  Comment below – we would love to hear your ideas!

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