Halloween Costume Ideas for Babies and Toddlers – Juddlies Style!

Trick or treat!  Fall is officially here… apple picking, pumpkin carving, fairs, leaves changing… and deciding what to dress up for Halloween.

In our home we decided that when our son could say the words “trick or treat” is when we would go out trick-or-treating with him.  He’s three now and this year is our first year! (I love the idea of trick-or-treating, but kind of cringe at the idea of a toddler having so much candy…I will definitely be hiding it and hopefully not eating too much of it.)

When he was a baby we did dress him up – babies are so cute in their little costumes. I love the DIY costumes the best.

Tips for Choosing a Halloween Costume for Baby:

  1. Ditch the Polyester store-bought costumes – they are pricey for only being worn once and are riddled with toxic chemicals.
  2. DIY costumes are fun to make and don’t have to be complicated. Choose a playsuit or sleeper as the base of the costume so when Halloween is over, you can still use the biggest piece of the costume throughout the year.
  3. Make sure your baby is dressed warm!

Juddlies Inspired Halloween Costumes for Baby:

Costume Idea #1 – Bunny Baby

DIY pink baby bunny halloween costume

Juddlies Breathe EZE Sleepers are super soft and cuddly – they make for the perfect base for a baby’s Halloween costume. How cute would this bottom be with a bunny tail attached?!

Here’s an adorable and easy to make bunny costume using our pink Sleeper, but swap this out for our Grey Sleeper and tweak the accessories a bit to use for a boy costume.

  1. Juddlies Breathe EZE Sleeper (Pink Fleck)
  2. DIY Baby Bunny Hat (Etsy Pattern by Tie Die Diva)
  3. DIY Bunny Tail Brilliant Little Ideas
  4. Juddlies Pink No-Slip Socks for Babies
  5. Baby Bunny Slippers by BabyMe Baby Boutique

If you are pressed for time you can buy these baby bunny costume tail and ear accessories to go with the Juddlies Pink Sleeper.

Costume Idea #2 – Itty Kitty

baby black girl DIY cat Halloween costume

Juddlies Cottage Playsuits make a great costume base with multiple colors to choose from.

For this cute cat costume we chose the “Black Bear” style with matching slippers to keep those little paws warm!

  1. Juddlies Cottage Playsuit – Black Bear
  2. Juddlies Cottage Slippers – Black Bear
  3. Juddlies Cottage Scratchmitts – Black Bear
  4. DIY black cat tutu, ears and tail by Do it Yourself Divas

Costume Idea #3 – Lil’ Udder

baby cow DIY costume

Juddlies organic white baby Sleeper, organic white baby hat, and organic white baby mittens to prevent face scratching make for a great costume base.

  1. Juddlies Organic White Sleeper
  2. Juddlies Organic White Hat
  3. Juddlies Organic White Scratchmitts
  4. DIY baby cow costume by Make It & Love It

Make it & Love It was very clever and used baby bottle nipples to create a cow udder! Alter the directions a bit to use the Juddlies hat and sleeper as the base.


Use the white base to make this adorable DIY baby S’mores costume. Nerdy Mamma is a great site and this only takes 5 minutes to make!

Costume Idea #4 – Brrr Baby

Want to keep things simple?  Here’s a quick and easy idea…keep your baby warm inside the stroller with one of Juddlies trendy and chic car seat covers. Add one of Juddlies new winter hats too!

trendy fur car seat cover baby


What are your kids (and you) dressing up for Halloween this year?



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