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Raglan Collection | Baby Organic Cotton Playsuit: Denim Blue

Raglan Collection | Baby Organic Cotton Playsuit: Denim Blue

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Made with Certified Organic Cotton this unit presents key features all parents want. The style of this playsuit warrants a snugger fit than our previous styles( for those of you who are used to our extremely generous sizing with previous styles/collections). The Turn-overs for your baby's hands will stop them scratching themselves as well as keep those tiny fingers warm.Foot turnovers will keep your little ones toes warm for naps and strolling in chilly weather. With our famous double zipper for the ease of diaper changes this playsuit offers it all.


Hand turnovers....They are present on the initial 3 sizes due to the fact that all newborn babies do not recognize their hands as being their own. This is the reason lots of baby's wear scratch mitts, in order to stop themselves scratching their faces ( with no idea it is themselves doing it) !!!. Our turnovers are there to act as scratch mitts but are in essence simply not needed after that. 

Foot turnovers.... These are something we would love to have on all sizes but due to the fact people would possibly allow their children to walk on them like a sock, we simply put them on the initial 3 sizes. After that your baby will become more mobile and the turnover is not designed as a shoe / sock for walking on in any way. We do not want to see the wear and tear or slipping it would cause. Again, it is a safety concern and something the Juddlies team thinks long and hard about in product development.

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