New Parents + Sleep Deprivation

Our Life-Changing Experience Working with a Certified Child Sleep Expert

Our sweet baby boy just turned THREE!  He’s growing and thriving and we owe it all to Kelsey Husak, a Certified Child Sleep Consultant at Radical Minds. Let me tell a little story…

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Our son slept well as a baby; we put him in his Juddlies 100% cotton baby swaddle and he slept in our bedroom in a bassinet for the first months of his life. After his nightly feedings he would go right back to sleep and a couple times he slept all night. Then something changed.

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16 weeks of sleep deprivation…

At six months old our baby started waking up every one to two hours all night long!  He was also becoming too big to sleep in his bassinet and it was time for the crib, but every time we tried to put him to sleep in his crib, he would cry uncontrollably so we went in to get him.

Back in the bedroom he went. We put him to sleep in our room in the 4Moms Breeze but our baby still would wake up every one or two hours all night long needing to be rocked or fed back to sleep. Plus, I was petrified because the safest place to sleep for baby is in an empty crib with no bumpers, pillows, blankets or stuffed animals.

As new parents we hoped and prayed he would grow out of it or that it would get better but it didn’t – it only got worse. 16 LONG weeks of constantly waking up and not sleeping for more than two hour stretches – three hours if we were lucky. Severe sleep deprivation set in. My husband, our baby and I were all extremely overtired.  Everything started to crumble.

Through this struggle the only way to get our baby to sleep for three hours straight was to end the night with co-sleeping in the bed or on the couch. I am a HUGE safe-sleep advocate and as a publicist for many safe sleep baby brands I knew how bad this was. It’s a HUGE No-No. No matter how careful you are the unthinkable can happen just like that especially when a parent is so overtired like I was.

I felt like a horrible mom co-sleeping like this; in the moment I was just doing ANYTHING to help my baby sleep which meant my husband and I could sleep a bit too in order to semi-function the next day.  Things kept getting worse and I did not want to continue putting my baby at risk.  I knew there had to be a better way.

A desperate attempt to find a solution…

I searched the internet every day and night reading tips and advice.  I bought books, downloaded free guides, and in the end whatever we tried did not work.

  • One source said it was lack of protein so we gave our baby more protein. Nothing changed.
  • One source said give rice cereal in bottle before bed to keep baby full. Nothing changed and I think our baby got an upset tummy.
  • One source said the constant waking up could be from colic, reflux, or gas and to use gripe water. This seemed to help some but still our baby was constantly waking up.
  • We then read about the Ferber Method (controlled cry it out) and we tried to do this on our own but it didn’t work. Our baby cried uncontrollably and with no education and support we just could not follow through.


We tried so many different things until we found the golden solution. This solution is so valuable it’s truly priceless. I want all parents to know so no baby or family has to suffer like we did.

The better solution that worked came from the BEST certified child sleep consultant in the world – Kelsey Husak. She CHANGED OUR LIVES in just 24 hours on the very first night of implementing the custom sleep plan, we saw immediate results.

The very first step was a 90 minute phone call that was full of education and questions to learn about our baby, parenting style, routine, schedule, etc. Kelsey taught us that our baby was waking up so often and not sleeping in his own crib because our baby did not know how to self-soothe and put himself to sleep. He went to sleep either in my arms being rocked or being fed, so when he woke up after each sleep cycle he needed these crutches to go back to sleep. Plus there were many other elements we learned we needed (sleep environment, bedtime routine, etc.).

Our Sleep Training Results – Simply Astounding…

On the very first night our son slept in his crib for six hours straight. This was like heaven after so many weeks of broken sleep, but on night two, our son slept 12 hours straight in his crib – no night feedings, no picking up, no diaper changes from all the night bottles – just blissful sleep.

Our son after sleeping 11.5 hours straight all night – 9 months old.

We thought that sleep training would be difficult to do, but when we look back nothing was harder than those 16 weeks of waking up all night long every one to two hours. Implementing the custom sleep plan was easy. It truly was. And it was easy because of Kelsey. She educated us, empowered us, and we had no doubt that our son would be sleeping well before long. We didn’t realize it would happen on the first night though!

We really love the gentle sleep training method that Kelsey taught us. There was some crying but with their special method our baby always knew we were there and it was amazing to see the transformation. Our poor baby boy was exhausted and craving good sleep.

The first night we did about five checks using the method Kelsey taught us. Night two was four checks, night three was three checks, and night four was one check and then no checks were needed.

Our son has been a rock-star sleeper ever since and is an amazing napper too – he still takes 3-4 hour naps at age 3 and sleeps all night – not a peep when we put him down for bed until it’s time to wake up in the morning. Everything is like clockwork now. Our lives changed drastically.  We are rested, happy, healthy and just everything feels like it’s easy and in order now that our son sleeps so well.

A changed life and changed baby + mama…

Other changes from good sleep:

  • Within days of healthy sleep, our son crawled and stood up with no hands soon after.
  • Within weeks he walked by himself at nine months.
  • Our baby was no longer fussy wanting to be held constantly.
  • Our son would sit through an entire restaurant dinner playing quietly.  The restaurant staff always says they did not know a baby was even there.

So, the best result was the development of our baby and his healthy sleep.

The next best results were to my own health:

  • I was able to go back to the gym and started losing the weight I had gained from the severe sleep deprivation.
  • Another benefit was our marriage was back to normal. The lack of sleep for so many weeks put a severe strain on our marriage.
  •  Also, our business began to suffer because of the lack of sleep and we saw an immediate turn in this too once we were all sleeping again.

We have learned how important sleep truly is. It’s the foundation of everything. It balances our entire lives.

We are forever grateful for Kelsey and our only regret was not contacting her sooner!  Our babies need sleep to grow and thrive – every parent should learn the education and get a custom sleep plan like we did. You would be truly setting your child up for a lifetime of healthy sleep habits. Imagine your baby sleeping 12 hours in their crib straight every night and having consistent, good naps every day. This is all possible with a little help. Contact Radical Minds and ask for Kelsey.

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