Cottage Collection Sleep Sack: Driftwood

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The Cottage Collection Sleep Sack is a super soft, cozy addition, allowing your little one to catch the good night sleep they need. Cottage Sleep Sacks are available in 5 colours and 3 sizes. The 100% cottony softness will provide that safe, sleepy surrounding you want for your little ones bedtime comfort. This Sleep sack has a 2.5 tog rating.

Our improved construction now has the zipper opening from the bottom of the sleep sack, making the neck area unalterable to help keep the baby’s head from slipping down into the sack. This safer design helps protect against the hazard of suffocation and is in compliance with the new EU law.

  • 100%cotton exterior
  • Interior 100% polyester
  • Our products are all chemical free

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1 review for Cottage Collection Sleep Sack: Driftwood

  1. Katie Zenone

    This is the best sleep sack! It’s like a warm cozy quilt that keeps my babe super warm. He doesn’t go to bed or down for a nap without it! We”ve got a second one on the way so ours doesn’t get stuck in the wash! Absolutely love it!!

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