The Juddlies Journey

We wanted to share the Juddlies journey with you and show you where we started, where we are today, and where we plan to go.  Thank you for being part of our community and supporting Canada’s favorite baby brand 🙂

trendy organic cotton baby clothes

trendy organic baby clothes

A Blast From the Past…

Juddlies was forged from a team of product, retail, and design professionals. We have owned retail and manufactured tons of stuff for many many people so we thought let’s create our own products!

We know and understand what parents want and above all Juddlies has always been about:


Here’s one of our retro collections when we first launched:

best baby brand canada

Juddlies Today…

trendy organic cotton baby clothing

Juddlies is exploding in the European market right now. We are now sold in France, Italy, Germany, Poland, United Kingdom, Spain, and the USA.

Our collections have become more sophisticated and classic yet chic and modern.

Another big difference in the Juddlies line is we are making more and more organic products:


  • Raglan Collection – 100% Organic
  • Essentials Collection (White) – 100% Organic
  • Cottage Collections – 100% Organic

trendy organic cotton baby clothes


Juddlies Tomorrow…

Juddlies will always stay true to our core principals – quality, affordability, and functionality – while continuing to expand our organic product lines as well as making packaging recyclable / reusable.

Like Juddlies on Facebook and follow us on Instagram to see a sneak peek of our new products next month – you will love everything!

As always, we are here to answer questions…drop us a line and say hello!  Click to browse the Juddlies shop to find trendy organic cotton clothing for babies and toddlers.

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